Buddhist Temple Stockport – Dhammakaya

buddhist centre edgeley

Stepping inside the Buddhist Temple in Stockport transports you to another time and place. The centre known as Wat Phra Dhammakaya, promotes Meditation following the Buddhist Thai tradition and is both a calming and intriguing experience to the British visitor.

The centre have opportunities to visit and celebrate Thai traditional festivals and Buddhist events, they also offer meditation, Thai language and Yoga classes. Some of the rooms have undergone renovation with work continuing to improve on the communal areas at the temple.

The Buddhist order wish to educate and enlighten visitors and I guess only visiting in person will do this. So I hope the tour will give an insight into what lies inside what was an old church and encourage people to go and learn further from these very approachable people.

Dhammakaya Europe International
Edgeley Rd, Stockport, Cheshire SK3 0TL


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ECTA Training

ecta training stockport

This Stockport based company offer training courses for gas and electrical qualifications, and as part of their new marketing campaign ECTA wanted imagery to show their excellent training facilities. Working alongside Trust Brand Communications we arranged our morning for tour and still photography and captured many aspects of the training centre.

The tour shows an insight into the classroom and training facilities available and includes a room with a roof in it to train electricians in solar panel installations as well as smart meter training. The Google street view tour will help to familiarize employers with ECTA training before booking employees onto courses.


ECTA Training
0161 480 5656

1st Floor Hadfield House
Gordon Street

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Bolton Motor Park

Bolton Motor Park

After an extensive refurbishment in their Greater Manchester showroom, Bolton Motor Park were keen to update their existing tour produced a number of years ago.

People very often Google the location and travel to businesses using Google Maps, so with this in mind it was important to get their ‘Google My Business’ listing updated with the new virtual tour imagery.

The site on Manchester Road going into Bolton town centre, a Fiat and Mazda dealership, has an impressive stock of new and used vehicles. After our initial phone call we quickly booked the date and I was stood in the showroom a week later. The light and airy space is impressive and weaving in between the cars I was able to capture the scale of the place and the individual cars on show.

The tour covers the 2 sides of the business showcasing the new Fiat and Mazda range and some exterior space where they stock their used cars.
As vehicles change in time, we will be able to update their tour again to reflect their new range and keep the virtual tour up to date.

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Manchester Fertility

manchester fertility

manchester fertilityManchester fertility approached us to produce a virtual tour of their state of the art treatment facilities in Greater Manchester. The Stockport clinic has a modern laboratory providing innovative treatment technology and we were able to take our 360 Spin cameras in to the lab and capture their fantastic facilities.

As well as the virtual tour being available on Google maps the company will be able to embed the tour into their website.

In addition we have produced an overlay for Manchester Fertility, this adds further functionality with navigational tabs for the tour and text boxes with informational points about each scene. 

The clinic have just exhibited at the Fertility Show at Manchester Central for which we supplied the tours in a VR headset format. This is another great use of the web asset and offers exhibition goers the opportunity to see inside the clinic whilst at the show.



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Q Park Manchester

Q Park manchester

Q park are an international parking company and have new parking facilities in Manchester and Liverpool, so we were pleased when they approached us to help with their photography. The company required images and a virtual tour to show the quality of parking facilities at their tow of their strategic locations. The Manchester shoot was extremely cold but went smoothly and we captured things like disabled parking, electric car charging bays and the views from the roof top. Liverpool Queen Square was shot a few weeks later and shows the many entrances and exits into this city centre car park.

The company are entering awards for their parking facilities and these images will really help to clearly show the investment that Q-parks have put into their planning, buildings and technology.

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The Edge Dental

The Edge Dental - Alderley Edge Dentist

Alderley Edge Dentist

The Edge Dental came to us to showcase their new dental surgery in Alderley Edge. With the new works finished I headed down to the High Street location and was impressed with beautiful reception and sparkling new dental clinic. A tour really throws open the doors of a business to show people what you are all about helping the business transition from new to familiar.

Plus if you have fantastic facilities to show then you can do this 24/7 on the web. Dentist and business owner Dr Khawaja is keen to do just this and provide a fantastic service to the people of Alderley Edge, we wish him luck.

Address: 6b London Rd, Alderley Edge, SK9 7JS

Phone: 01625 599001

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Customisable Overlay for Google Street View Tours


Customisable Street View Overlay

Google tours appear in Google, we know this. But did you know we can add an additional layer to the Google tours for website use?
We call this an overlay and it adds further interactivity so that you get more from the tour in terms of functionality.

Normally the tours are navigated by clicking on the arrows, clicking on the thumbnails in maps or clicking between floors with the corresponding numbers. The overlay adds to this functionality with a side navigation so that a larger tour for example becomes more manageable with headings to jump from one area to another.

When an overlay tour opens there’s a welcome message and company branding which matches the website it’s embedded into. There is also the addition of auto spin which slowly rotates as the tour opens at the clients chosen viewpoint.

Navigation is easier through the side menu which separates the tour into areas identified by the business owner, and text boxes can be added with bespoke information about a room or feature the client would like to highlight.

Further features are adding images to the tour which again could highlight a point of interest and existing video can be embedded to compliment the experience. A Google cardboard feature is also part of this system and with a click the tour converts to split screen allowing the user to see the tour as a VR experience.

Embedding the overlay into a website is very simple, and we are of course on hand to advise on website integration.

The overlay in essence is very customisable and a great addition to an existing Google Street View tour.

LOFT Interiors


Click here to view Aspect Viewings Overlay:

Click here to view The Store room Overlay:


Click here to view Communicate School Overlay:

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