Aspect Viewing Facilities

Aspect Viewing Facilities Manchester

Aspect Viewing Facilities Manchester


Google Street view tours really showcase what a venue has to offer, this is what attracted Aspect Viewing Facilities to our services.
The tours take in the excellent facilities on Canal Street, over 3 floors and appears on Google Street view to compliment their excellent web presence.

In addition to the Street view we’ve also produced an overlay for the Google tour which adds navigation, branding and text for use on the website. This now takes pride of place on the companies home page. The overlay also adds the Google Cardboard functionality which when clicked allows the user to try out the tour as viewed through the cardboard headset.

For use at exhibitions we have produced the tours to work on the Samsung VR headsets, this adds great interactivity for the trade stand, attracting people to come and take a look at Aspects facilities in a fun and engaging way.

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