Customisable Overlay for Google Street View Tours


Customisable Street View Overlay

Google tours appear in Google, we know this. But did you know we can add an additional layer to the Google tours for website use?
We call this an overlay and it adds further interactivity so that you get more from the tour in terms of functionality.

Normally the tours are navigated by clicking on the arrows, clicking on the thumbnails in maps or clicking between floors with the corresponding numbers. The overlay adds to this functionality with a side navigation so that a larger tour for example becomes more manageable with headings to jump from one area to another.

When an overlay tour opens there’s a welcome message and company branding which matches the website it’s embedded into. There is also the addition of auto spin which slowly rotates as the tour opens at the clients chosen viewpoint.

Navigation is easier through the side menu which separates the tour into areas identified by the business owner, and text boxes can be added with bespoke information about a room or feature the client would like to highlight.

Further features are adding images to the tour which again could highlight a point of interest and existing video can be embedded to compliment the experience. A Google cardboard feature is also part of this system and with a click the tour converts to split screen allowing the user to see the tour as a VR experience.

Embedding the overlay into a website is very simple, and we are of course on hand to advise on website integration.

The overlay in essence is very customisable and a great addition to an existing Google Street View tour.

LOFT Interiors


Click here to view Aspect Viewings Overlay:

Click here to view The Store room Overlay:


Click here to view Communicate School Overlay:

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